Fall 2015 – Comm 316 Portfolio

Comm 316 Portfolio – Top 12 Photos

My professional imaging class (Comm 316) this semester forced me to step outside my comfort zone with my photography. I was able to explore different types and styles that I probably never would have on my own. My favorites were definitely landscape and I have come to appreciate portraiture much more than I did before My personal style involved little editing and keeping the image looking as natural as possible. I tend to steer away from the heavily edited look and love to include the environment. Below are my top 12 images from this semester.

BayleeColton-Fresh-Food-Photography-Strawberry BayleeColton-Full-Client (13 of 1)  BayleeColton-Idaho-Sunset-River BayleeColton-Outdoor-Architecture-Photography2 BayleeColton-Outdoor-Long-Exposure-Milky-Way BayleeColton-Product-Photography5 BayleeColton-Soft0water-print BayleeColton-Table-Top-Light-Painting-Bokeh  BayleeColton-Women's-Fashion-World-War-2-sunsetBayleeColton-HDR Sunrise (1 of 1)BayleeColton-Table-Top-Light-Painting-Violin BayleeColtonMedia2


  1. Great job Baylee! I really love your images and enjoyed getting to know you this semester!
    Check out Erik’s

  2. You choose a good selection of final pieces. I love the architecture shot of Windsor Manor. You found a unique spot to shoot from and I love the warm lights with the cool snow.
    Check out Abby’s work at http://www.aleephotodesign.com/comm-316-portfolio/

  3. Baylee I love your style of photography. It definitely portrays well the name of your brand. I’m truly excited to see where you go with your photography!


  4. Baylee I love the colors in your photography. You have been so much fun to have class with. I really love the architecture shot you got! Check out Tyler’s work: http://www.thetylerprice.com/wallpaper-worthy-fall-2015/

  5. Baylee! You are awesome! You are so friendly and you are a talented photographer. I really like how you added a variety of photos in your portfolio. It shows your creativity. Check out Hannah’s http://www.blushcreative.co/portfolio/

  6. It has been great to watch you grow as a photographer this semester. You have become a beautiful photographer. Madeline also has a beautiful portfolio. http://www.madelineclara.com/my-best-work-for-comm-316/

  7. These are some sweet photos! Love how you styled the first one. Check mine out http://jennascarnecchia.com/comm-316-portfolio-portraits-and-lanscapes/

  8. Baylee it has been fun gettinf to know you this semester. Your photography style is very unique and I like it a lot. My favorite picture from your portfolio is probably the bowl of strawberries. Nice work! Check out Hanna’s porfolio she also has some amazing work. http://www.blushcreative.co/comm-316-portfolio/

    Check out my porfolio as well at http://tashalarsen.com

  9. Baylee! You demonstrate a wide variety of styles and techniques and it is quite impressive! And If I might add, you are quite an awesome person too! Thanks for being you! Check out Haley’s work too: http://www.haleylynn.com/best-of-the-best/#comment-14

  10. Hey Baylee! I love how much color that you get in all of your pictures! I also am super impressed with the sharpness of all of your pictures! I especially love your Pepsi shot! Very unique and nice! Check out Rachel’s portfolio http://rachelgriggsdesign.com/myportfolio/

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